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The Best Dam Breed

Welcome to Coopworth Genetics New Zealand Inc.

MAY 2017

11th May, 2017 9:34pm

Hello Coopworth members,

 It looks like most of the country is flush with feed at the moment. Nice to hear that the dry areas have received some much needed rain and are recovering a bit. Our part of the country has had a tremendous season. Rain all through the summer and grass galore. Very low FE challenge this year, compared to last seasons epic FE hit.
Scanning underway up here now, my scanner reported today that after 12 000 ewes scanned the average is 160 %, 15% higher than usual. Now we have to get them all on the ground and hope for a decent lamb price. 

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26th Aug, 2016 11:12am

The 1st lambs have arrived here in the western Waikato and with the season we have had most farms in pretty good shape heading into this crucial time of year. You farmers further south may be shaking your heads at the idea of lambing in July but the date has been pushed earlier and earlier up here to try to hit the opening schedules for lamb. We are fortunate that we can have lambs on the ground at this time of year, a warm winter, good hills to get out of the wind, and with good feed we can have those lambs onto a truck starting in late Oct. Saying this, with the prices as they were last season we still did not average the 100$ hoped for.

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23rd Apr, 2016 8:05am

The 2016 Coopworth conference will be based from Tuakau from May 18  - 20.

Accomodation at the

La Valla Estate -    09 236 98 47

Tuakau Hotel -  09 236 8084

Rooms reserved for Coopworth Conference, let them know you are attending.

Wed, May 18

Board meeting 1pm at the La Valla Estate.

6pm- attendees arrive La Valla Estate for drinks, social time.

Members responsible for their own evening meal. Meals available at the LaValla and the Tuakau Hotel.

Thursday,May 19

will be our tour day with a trip to the Nikau Caves and the Nikau Coopworth Stud,The adventurous who wish to have a trip through the caves can do so and the others may relax and visit in the comfortable Cafe. Limestone Downs Station, Whitford farms and Kokonga Herefords are on the agenda. The evening will be atthe Nikau Cafe with our AGM and meal.

Friday May 20 -

Morning trip TBA. Afternoon at the La Valla estate, Tuakau for a Beef and Lamb Farming For Profit day with a variety of speakers. Science Innovation and Production. Followed by evening meal.

For full agenda see the Beef and Lamb web site.


Please let me know if you will be needing pick up from Auckland Airport as we may be able to put on a shuttle service.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you  in May.

Registration now open.

Please contact for details-

Kate Broadbent


Coopworth Genetics

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10th Feb, 2016 10:30am

The latest Flock Analysis reports are now available on our Flock Analysis page.

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25th Aug, 2015 2:02pm

Wairarapa News - 8/7/2015

A pioneer in establishing the Coopworth sheep breed has been honoured with a life membership to its society.
Ross Seymour was at the forefront of the work done to establish the breed and he had his own registered flock at Tinui.
Seymour says he was "very pleased" to have been made a life member and gave credit to other pioneers of the recording system such as local farmer, the late John Daniell...

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14th Aug, 2015 8:43pm

 Thank You to Chris Logan for hosting another successful Coopworth Conference. Next year the Conference will be hosted by Nikau and the dates are set from May 16-18, 2016.

Personally I came away from the Conference buoyed by the fact that, for the Coopworth breed, the cup is half full.
Bench marking 40 years of selection shows incredible gains in productivity in every trait. More commendable even, is that the Coopworth has out performed the other breeds and  looking at the performance of our sheep in recent industry awards the Coopworth is, once again, in the limelight. Well done to all Coopworth breeders who were nominated for Sheep Industry Awards and to Graeme and Raewyn Black for their Ewe Hogget Competition success. 
Congratulations to the Blackdale Coopworth for a great showing at the Industry Awards. Their achievement is a credit to their work and breeding program and a great testimonial for the Coopworth breed. Ross Richards( looking very smart and with shoes) was there to receive the MNCC award for Edward Dinger for DP FE. Ross has purchased the MNCC flock but Edward has assured us he is still an active sheep farmer and will remain on the Coopworth Board. Hopefully you all saw a great article about Edward in the NZ Farmer.
Our continued high profile in industry awards, on SIL ACE and in national breed comparisons certainly shows there is huge opportunity for our breed.
Reduced sheep numbers and focus on the remaining sheep being top producers is something we need to capitalize on.  The average age of the NZ beef and sheep farmer is 58, so the next generation is there, waiting in the wings, These future farmers are educated, ambitious and will have high standards for sheep performance. We cannot rest on our laurels touting the high figures and awards. The future of the  Coopworth breed is dependent on us, breeders with vision, producing fit to environment genetics to suit todays farming landscape.
At the AGM the topic of structure and soundness was touched on. High performance, hardy, efficient and with longevity.
Take a hard look at your stud flocks. Without looking at figures be honest with yourselves as to who should be a stud animal. Prof Coop had a vision and looking at the gains our breed has made the Coopworth concept has been realized,  Now our next challenge is to dispel the perception held by some that our breed is soft. With the Coopworth concept in mind we need to always be aware of phenotype. 
 Feet , Teeth and Structure.
 Our share of the market, as family ram breeding businesses, MUST focus on the high performance and productivity of our breed.  Coopworth Genetics advertising will begin next month.  A great way to promote our breed is through testimonials. Have a look at your clients and the performance they are achieving and ask if you can tell their stories. A page on the web site can be added to include these if you can provide me with the content. We will run a 3 page section in Heartland Sheep again this year. If you would like to be included please contact Tom Abraham.

All the best for lambing, ram selling season will be here in no time !
Kate Broadbent

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11th Mar, 2015 10:06pm

Ewe Hogget competition winners have been announced and , as in previous years, the Coopworth composite has come out on top.. Looking at the results from several of the country's' agricultural awards last year ; Glammies, Balance farm Environment Awards, Sheep Industry Awards, Ewe Hogget competition, to name a few, it is evident that the Coopworth has a strong influence on the national flock. Congratulations to those that have received acknowledgement and awards in the past year.

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11th Mar, 2015 9:55pm

2015 Conference will be held in North Canterbury. Chris Logan is formatting a inspiring and exciting program for us . Book in May 20 for a reunion and education.

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23rd Jan, 2015 11:00am

Another year has raced by and the 2015 CT scanning season will soon be with us. 2014 was a busy year, I scanned over 500 commercial rams trucked from Whangarei to Gore and everywhere in-between, hosted breeders groups and and on top of that there was a lot of Lincoln University’s own research CT scanning. In June I had the opportunity to visit Scotland’s Rural College in Edinburgh where they offer a CT scanning service to farmers, including a mobile service, and got to pick their brains...

Click here to read the full story

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23rd Jan, 2015 10:56am

While it is with sadness we learn of the loss of one of the founding members of the Coopworth society, it is with pleasure when we ponder the legacy that Graeme left to our industry...

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30th Aug, 2014 9:09pm

President’s message

The weather early June caused a bit of havoc here and there and according to a Waikato Times headline it was worse than Bola on Coromandel.

On my place we had 165mm of rain in two days and wind gusts up to 125 km per hour. I know this because of a newly installed electronic weather station on my roof. It caused a few toppled over trees, one over my drive and a washed down a culvert. It is work that I could have done without in the middle of the winter, but then that is farming.

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3rd Apr, 2014 8:57am

20th- 21st May 2014. Waipukurau, Central Hawkes Bay...

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26th Feb, 2014 9:07am

With the financial and political turmoil in several places around the world, one cannot expect a stable environment for the prices of beef and lamb. As a consequence, the economists are forecasting only very modest prices for our products for the coming year. A possible highlight maybe the prices of replacement stock which is scarce because of the draught. Let’s hope that the weather at least will be benign for the coming months...

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26th Aug, 2013 1:31pm

Coopworths well represented at the 2013 Beef and Lamb NZ Sheep Industry Awards.

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26th Aug, 2013 1:32pm

Report from the Southern Conference.
The 2013 Coopworth AGM and Conference was held in Invercargill in May. The Council meeting was held on the Monday 20th. The official opening of Conference was that evening with an enthusiastic Jerry Forde high lighting the good people and places in Southland. We were pleased to have 3 Australian Coopworth Breeders join us and bring our total to 34  attendees.


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26th Jul, 2013 9:09am

NZ’s second most famous sheep dies.

Shrek who himself died in June 2011 remains NZ’s most famous sheep not just here but internationally as well and now a ram recognized at last year’s Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards has also shuffled off this mortal coil.

A Coopworth ram; Marlow 203/04 was last August named as the industry’s ‘Super Sire’...

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16th May, 2013 11:27am

Click here for the link

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28th Mar, 2013 4:16am

It is impossible to control genetic material. Once a ram is sold we relinquish control over how he is used and how his progeny are represented.

Only through education of our clients can we affect their purchasing decisions. There seems to be a lack of knowledge and confusion regarding the definition of FE tolerance and how it is achieved.

 A group of concerned breeders has been discussing this and come up with the following;

Mission Statement

To produce a brand that protects the investment sheep breeders have made developing the FE tolerant gene pool while providing greater clarity to the commercial farmer in regards to selecting FE tolerant rams.

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11th Oct, 2012 9:43am

Researchers in animal science and sheep breeders have for a long time sought an accurate and reliable method of measuring in vivo body (carcass) composition, mainly with the aim to improve and manage carcass composition. Improving carcass composition can be done through nutrition...

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15th Aug, 2012 4:22am

The idea for these awards was an initiative of the B+LNZ Southern SI Farmer Council. B+LNZ supports this initiative to celebrate excellence in the sheep industry where part of the focus is on genetic improvement. SIL derived results for some of the awards based on SIL-ACE evaluations and information such as the Sire Leader Lists that SIL routinely publishes on the SIL website...

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