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Coopworth Genetics is a collective of Coopworth stud breeders from across New Zealand. Performance recording for over 50 years, together we are advancing the Coopworth breed through top genetic selection while maintaining excellent physical soundness to produce a high performance sheep suited to any environment. Coopworth breeders consistently rank above the rest.


The significant challenges facing the sheep and beef sector make for a long list these days. Being adaptable, imaginative and forward thinking may seem like the largest challenge of all, but the world loves our product and demand for protein has never been higher. We are the most efficient

farmers in the world with a great track record for animal welfare, environmental stewardship and food safety. Pat yourself on the back. This is our opportunity.

There is no single, simple answer to weathering the storm of challenges. We must focus on what we can control. Look within your farm gate at performance and productivity.

Part of the solution will be increasing efficiency. Reducing stock numbers while maintaining production and profit. This is a sound response that ticks all the boxes. Efficiency - producing more from less. Less work , less input and cost, less impact on the land, less GHG produced.

We have the expertise, knowledge and management tools to help us achieve this. The NZ sheep and beef sector has a history of adapting and lifting performance. There is still room for improvement.

From a sheep breeding perspective this becomes an opportunity. Genetics are part of the answer. Moderately sized ewes weaning more lambs which can be picked earlier. Lambing hoggets, selecting for longevity so fewer replacements are needed. High growth rate and meat yield. Disease and

parasite tolerance to reduce wastage.

Coopworth Genetics NZ – part of the solution. Tackle the future head on, focus on efficiency and performance.

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